Computer Music Research

“ LISP in Max: Exploratory Computer-Aided Composition in Real-Time ” (.pdf)
in ICMC 2017 proceedings (Shanghai, 2017)

“ On ‘slow’ computer-aided composition ”, in OpenMusic Composer’s Book Vol. 3 (Éditions Delatour – IRCAM-Centre Pompidou, 2016)

“ Analyse morphologique d’objets extra-musicaux (geste, vidéo,…)
et morphogenèse en écriture instrumentale assistée par ordinateur ” (.pdf)
Master thesis under the direction of Horacio Vaggione and Anne Sèdes
Defended in Oct. 2011 in front of a jury including :
Makis Solomos, Anne Sèdes and Guilherme Carvalho.
(Université Paris 8 – Saint Denis)

MOZ’Lib (presentation on the bach library’s official website here)
a set of pedagogical tools designed to explore, at the same time: musical writing, creation and computer programming. It is developed by Julien Vincenot with the initial support of the Ariane# project (funded by Franche-Comté region in East France).
The library is now being updated in depth and documented : a first official version should be released, as a Max package, around April-May 2019. Beta version available on simple request by email.

JV-Components (.zip)
a chaotic library of patches and functions for the PWGL environment, with various topics :
- morphological analysis (cf. librairie FV-Morphologie)
- transformation and metamorphosis of musical materials
- supervised interpolators (digital and symbolic approaches)
- constraint-based generation systems (cf. Multi-PMC)
- various tools