Julien Vincenot, born in 1985 (France), is a composer and music researcher.

After various instrument studies (latin-american harp, piano, jazz, improvisation), he started to study XXth century music and electroacoustic composition in Paris 8 University, with
Horacio Vaggione, Anne Sedès and José-Manuel Lopez Lopez. He holds a masters degree in music theory and research, and specialized early in computer music.
In parallel, he studied composition in Montbéliard conservatory, with Jacopo Baboni Schilingi, Lorenzo Bianchi, Giacomo Platini and Frédéric Voisin. and received the first prize in composition and SACEM prize in 2013.
The same year, he was selected to attend the Cursus 1 in composition and computer music at IRCAM, under the artistic direction of Hèctor Parra.
Since 2014, he teaches computer music and digital creation, in particular in Montbéliard conservatory.
In 2017, he will be starting a PhD in composition at Harvard University,
under the direction of Chaya Czernowin and Hans Tutschku.

His works (music for soloists and ensembles, mixed music, laptop performances, music for film and dance) have been presented in France (IRCAMLe 104, Instants Chavirés, Institut Cervantès, FIMU of Belfort), Spain (Festival Dialegs, L’AuditoriNiu art space in Barcelona), Italy (Festival Di_Stanze), Austria (Festival Impuls 2011, Graz), Germany (Festival Ultraschall 2013, Berlin), Greece (Festival Electric Nights, Athens), U.S.A (Miller Theater, Columbia University, New York) and China (Electronic Music Week, Shanghai).

He collaborates in particular with Ensemble de Musique InteractiveEnsemble Interface, Scapegoat duo, and with soloists such as Yohann JuhelZinajda KodricMarc HorneNikita ZiminStéphane Sordet
His music scores are published by Babelscores.

His research in theory and computer music explore the field of morphological analysis, musical morphogenesis and constraint-based algorithms. Since 2010, he is a member of PRISMA, international group for music research.

In 2007, he co-founded the Unmapped collective, which gathers today a dozen of members from various origins and musical backgrounds, composers and instrumentalists at the same time. Mostly dedicated to improvisation involving instruments and computers, its goal is to propose a wide range of creative projects — live electroacoustic performances, interactive installations, interdisciplinary projects — and to promote the music its members.

© Photo by Aiga Ozo