Unmapped – electroacoustic improvisation collective

Thomas Vittek – composer / member of Unmapped collective

Labelle - composer / member of Unmapped collective

William Goutfreind - composer / member of Unmapped collective

Kevin Gironnay - composer / member of Unmapped collective

Elli Records – music label

Tsuku Boshi – music collective & label

Eumolpe Crew – music collective & label

SiMiFa - cloud services & website hosting for artists

Ensemble de Musique Interactive – music ensemble

Ensemble Interface – music ensemble

Ensemble Sillages – music ensemble

Ensemble Proton Bern – music ensemble

Vincent Dubos - painter

Anne Dubos – anthropologist

Luc Dubos – graphic designer & musician

Bruno Lagarrigue – historian & researcher

Jacopo Baboni Schilingi – composer

Fred Voisin – musician-researcher & anthropologist

Lorenzo Bianchi Hoesch – composer

Giacomo Platini – composer

Gaja Maffezzoli – composer

Raphaël Vens - composer

Carlo Ciceri – composer

Henry Colomer – film director

Pauline Shongov – visual artist

bach / cage / dada - ecosystem of Max packages for computer-aided composition and music notation, developed by Daniele Ghisi and Andrea Agostini

MaxMSP - visual programming language for audio treatment and interactivity, developed by Cycling’74

PWGL – visual programming language for music formalisation developed by Mikael Laurson and Mika Kuuskankare

Babelscores – contemporary music editor

Ariane# - projet régional numérique et artistique (DRAC Franche-Comté)