Fixed media

Objets de désir illicites (2019-2022)— fixed media
dedicated to Michèle Gagliano
text and voice — Carmen Diez Salvatierra
( based on 28 formes découpées, Les Presses du Réel, 2019 )
instrument recordings — Madison Greenstone, Alexandria Smith & Kathryn Schulmeister
subtitles programming — 倪杉 NI Shan

Virology (2018)— fixed media
Composed at Harvard University, premiered on HUSEAC’s HYDRA acousmonium May 2018.

Blindfolded (2013) — fixed media
Composed at the occasion of ManiFeste Academy 2013 (IRCAM — Centre Pompidou)
for the In Vivo Video workshop of Andrea Cera.
Based on short movie Naufrage by Clorinde Durand (Le Fresnoy)