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Mémoire de l’eau (2015) — accordion and live computer
Yohann Juhel, accordion
Studio recording
Premiered in Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse de Paris

silent_data_corrupt (2014) — alto saxophone and live computer
Nikita Zimin, saxophone
Recorded Live in IRCAM — Centre Pompidou (Paris), April 5th 2014

silent_data_corrupt received the following awards :
“Most Creative and Talented” Award from the jury of EMW Festival 2015 in Shanghai
Special Prize from the jury of Di_Stanze Festival 2014 in Salerno (Italy)

(2013) — tape
Composed at the occasion of ManiFeste Academy 2013 (IRCAM — Centre Pompidou)
for the In Vivo Video workshop of Andrea Cera.
Based on short movie Naufrage by Clorinde Durand (Le Fresnoy)

Esprits-Animaux (2012) — violin, cello and live computer

Commissioned by Ensemble de Musique Interactive
Szuhwa Wu, violin / Rachel Gleize, cello (EMI)
Premiered in Miller Theater (Columbia University, New York), March 24th 2012
Recorded Live in Ars Numerica (Scène numérique), June 8th 2012

Ascidiacea II (2011) — alto flute and live computer
Anne Nardin, flute
Studio recording
This piece was performed at different occasions in France, Spain and China.

Ascidiacea (2010) — bass flute
Zinajda Kodric, bass flute
Recorded Live in Graz (Austria) at the occasion of impuls academy and festival (2011)

MOrphism 0.9.2α (2010) — six musicians
Ensemble Interface, conducted by Scott Voyles
Recorded Live in Graz (Austria) at the occasion of impuls academy and festival (2011)